After I decided to quit everything at home, left my comfort-zone and started travelling, photographing and blogging around the world...

...I came back to Germany to settle down again and since then I'm focusing on portrait and landscape photography

Photography was a strong passion before I started traveling and became more intense while I was traveling. Documenting what I see and experiencing what's going on around me. I'm adicted to 'the moment' and love to catch it when it's passing by. Everything in the world is so different and at the same time so similar.

On this website you will find the photos I have taken on my way with desciptions of all the places I visit and if you want to learn more about what you see, where my photos are taken and the story behind, just have a look at my travel-blog ‘crossing-trails' from the menu.

If you want to get in contact, feel free to send me a message.